Sibline is one of the 3 major
producers of clinker and cement in
the Republic of Lebanon.

Sibline currently produces 3,400 tons of clinker per day. Thus, resulting with an annual production of cement exceeding 1.35 Million tons.

In addition, SO.IME Liban sal, a subsidiary company of SIBLINE, produces readymix concrete at an annual capacity of 200,000m3.

Sibline products include materials for Lightweight Construction Solutions and Construction Chemicals.

SIBLINE (Ciment de Sibline sal), is located in Mount Lebanon district, in Iklim El Kharoub, Shouf area that is situated at the entrance of the southern part of the country. Yet, the company headquarters are located in Beirut. SIBLINE is a joint stock company with a capital of LBP 120,225,750,000 (US$ 80,000,000).

SIBLINE currently provides 530 job positions and puts forward indirect employment for more than 800 people in the domain of logistics, transportation and distribution of cement and other products.

As of March 1st, 2007, Secil s.a. became a major shareholder in SIBLINE.

Secil is a Portuguese joint-stock company. It is valued by its technological advancements, high standards and notable experience in the production, distribution and sales of cement products, concrete products, readymix products, precast and other building materials.

Secil owns and operates 3 cement plans in Portugal, with an annual production capacity of 4 million tons of cement. In addition to Portugal and Lebanon, Secil s.a maintains partnerships with cement companies in Tunisia, Angola and Brazil.