About US

Our people are our competitive advantage. SIBLINE creates diverse career and development opportunities for our workforce. The professional development of our team includes a wide scope of activities; technical training, health & safety awareness, behavioral skills development, leadership programs, on the job apprenticeship, individual and team performance coaching and continuous exchange of expertise to stay up-to-date. We firmly believe that we better serve our customers by giving shape to ideas and providing the highest quality products, solutions and services through an engaged and active workforce who consider SIBLINE a home away from home and who are able to promote organizational success while fostering the growth of the next generation of leaders whose competencies, skills, initiative and motivation will drive the company’s success in the long run.

Talent Acquisition

SIBLINE aims at having the best and the brightest employees in this competitive talent landscape through a delicate human power planning, a rigorous assessment process and a detailed on boarding program abiding by the Lebanese Labor Law and all its amendments. Believing in our people, SIBLINE has a strong internal acquisition program to promote from within and give the opportunity to our talents to use their skills and experiences and inspire their teams.

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Talent Reward & Engagement

Our compensation and reward system is effectively developed to support organizational and business needs. Through the HRIS, we maintains our payroll and salary records, manage attendance, leaves, transportation and other allowances including appraisal bonuses and increments. We treat all employees with fairness and consistency. The implemented grievance and complaint resolution system aims at resolving all employees’ disputes, ensuring satisfaction and maintaining productive business relationships. As well, the rewards and recognition program and the employee advisory services provide the right conditions for all employees to give their best, be committed to the goals and values of SIBLINE and contribute to its success with a sense of ownership and loyalty.

Organizational Development

We continuously work towards maximizing our employees’ potential and effectiveness through involving them in creating well designed and crafted jobs that align with the company’s strategy, structure, process and business objectives. We evaluate our employee effectiveness through an objective and transparent performance management system that aims at defining areas for improvement and individual development plans to all our employees while focusing on developing competencies, behaviors, attitudes and culture to deliver optimum performance.

Talent Development

Talent development is one of our key strategies to retain our talented employees. Learning opportunities and tools are continuously provided to our employees to advance in their careers. We offer our employees the opportunity for continuous education through providing educational benefits and training programs as a pathway to promote talent growth. As well, career development programs and succession planning programs are established in line with the assessment and development center as a mean to sustain talent development efforts.

Internships Opportunities

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, SIBLINE provides internship opportunities to university students during the summer and at selected times during other seasons; helps them with their projects and provides the practical experience needed to prepare them for the working life later on through a well-defined schedule and plan. This fortifies our relationship with the community; builds partnerships for the future with the interns who may become our employees, suppliers or customers, and strengthens partnerships with universities in building practical career awareness.

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Code of conduct

SIBLINE provides equal employment opportunity to all candidates regardless of their gender, religion, national origin, disability, marital status, age, or citizenship except as required by Lebanese law concerning employment. Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the below link