SIBLINE is committed to Sustainability, striving to balance its economic performance with environmental protection and responsible citizenship. The answer to the global climate change requires the reduction of the carbon footprint of production, strengthen the circular economy and the promotion of biodiversity. At SIBLINE, we shall embrace and certainly overcome these challenges.

SIBLINE belongs to international institutions and partnerships that share this Commitment. Which is achievable through sustainable development goals.

Our Sustainability Policy sets our targets and defines our priority actions in contribution to a better Planet for all humanity; present and future generations.

Economic And Financial

We create value to distribute to our shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and other partners.

We seek profitability and balance our operations in order to ensure business continuity and long-term success.


We enrich the communities where we operate, by creating careers, hiring local talents and engaging our teams.

We strongly embrace diversity, empower and enable our talents and promote equitability

Health & Safety

We believe that Health and Safety are core values integrated in all our activities.
We aspire to safeguard the wellbeing of all our employees, contractors and communities by promoting a culture of Health and Safety


  • We promote the responsible use of natural resources and energy, by supporting circularity throughout the business life cycle.
  • We aim for carbon neutrality by using alternative fuels, secondary raw materials and developing low carbon products and solutions.
  • We encourage the ecosystem’s vitality and balance, by landscape recovery, and protecting biodiversity, where we operate.

Product & Innovation

We continuously innovate with novel manufacturing and management processes, by creating safe solutions and quality products that bring added value to the Company, Customer and Society.
We value best in-kind production and control technologies, aiming towards efficiency and excellence in production.

Promoting responsible development, products, and solutions that
To Protect, Support and Unite People
contributing towards a sustainable society

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