SO.I.ME Liban can deliver concrete from the Bauchrieh and Choueifat plants to the client’s construction site. Due to the sensitive nature of delivering ready-mix concrete, SO.I.ME Liban requires client confirmation of their order 48 hours before the date of casting. The confirmation must be sent to the SO.I.ME Liban control room, indicating the class of concrete, required volume, and the needed boom length for the concrete pump.

SO.I.ME delivery order will indicate the type of concrete, volume delivered, the date of delivery, and the time of departure from the batching plant. All of these parameters are to be checked onsite by a client representative. SO.I.ME Liban allows its truck mixers to use extra admixture to reach the required concrete slump without additional water. Samples of the concrete mix are obtained at the point of discharge from the truck mixer and stored at the client’s construction site, in accordance with ASTM standards.