During 2014 SIBLINE established a new division that manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality concrete blocks that includes both regular and lightweight types. Those blocks are manufactured using a proprietary concrete mix, which allows setting the material density from 700 to 2,400 kg/m3. SIBLINE blocks are used to construct walls, slabs, and rafts for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

SIBLINE lightweight blocks meet the EN 771-3:2011 specifications for masonry units composed of sand, cement, and lightweight materials such as expanded polystyrene fire retardants. Using these lightweight blocks reduces the required size of beams, vertical elements, and raft foundations, thereby reducing the total cost of constructing of any structure. In addition to being waterproof, fire-resistant, and versatile, SIBLINE lightweight blocks possess exceptional thermal insulation properties.

In order to meet the evolving requirements of the market, SIBLINE built a manufacturing plant that produces lightweight and regular blocks. This plant also manufactures other products such as pavers, curbstones, and blocks for segmental retaining walls. It is equipped with machines using the latest technology as well as a laboratory that tests all products, ensuring they meet international quality standards. SIBLINE has also assembled a team of specialized engineers and experts. The team is tasked to respond to customer enquiries and assist clients in their project and in their decision-making processes.