Value Engineering

Value engineering services are performed by a team of specialists from the SIBLINE Structural Department. They analyze customer projects and redesign them using SIBLINE lightweight blocks. Value engineering demonstrates to developers, owners, and engineers that using SIBLINE lightweight blocks instead of their traditional materials will result in project benefits such as time savings in construction and overall cost reductions.

After Sales

A SIBLINE team that is experienced in construction provides after-sales support, customer service, and consultancies. Their objective is to ensure that customers receive the full benefits of using SIBLINE blocks. The after-sales team is always ready to respond to client queries and to provide technical advisory support where needed.

Logistics & Deliveries

A dedicated team that depends on orders from the Sales Department is in charge of optimizing logistical arrangements to adhere with delivery schedules agreed upon with customers.
The entire organization is committed to delivering fully-compliant blocks in accordance with schedules agreed upon.
Using a dedicated preparation area equipped with a special platform minimizes the time needed for loading the trucks.
As soon as the truck is fully loaded, invoices are automatically generated and the delivery note is issued and accepted by the driver.