Quality Certification

Sibline has instituted an internal quality management system. The associated activities and internal procedures prescribed by the system are applied uniformly across all company divisions. This quality management system satisfies both national and international standards.
They intend to achieve customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements and exceeding service expectations.

Procedures and systems at the laboratory and in other sections of the company are certified to comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Production certification

Since 2005, Sibline has been eligible to use the CE marking for the product CEM II/AL 42.5N (PAL 42.5). CE marking of cement is subject to the highest level of control under the Construction Products Directive.

This is due to the critical role of cement in construction works.

The procedures for evaluating cement product conformity are outlined in the EN 197-2 specification. Evaluations require control by a third party, such as an EU notified body. An example of this is VDZ (the German Cement Works Association)
This level of security provides an independent verification that the product completely conforms to the EN 197-1 technical specification for common cement.

Having the CE marking affixed on our product packaging indicates the cement’s conformity with both the technical and regulatory requirements.


Integrated Management System (IMS)

The quality management system at Sibline is the major tool for implementing the company mission and achieving its vision. Sibline is always developing, implementing and adapting the IMS based on the requirements of: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001:2018 ( ISO 14001_2015 Certificate, ISO 9001:2015 Certificate , ISO 45001:2018 Certificate)


After-sales and Technical Advisory Services

Sibline is committed towards building a broad and lasting relationship with all of its customers. It seeks to continuously improve the performance of its products and services.
The company is equipped to diagnose problems and carry out the critical analyses, tests and experiments needed to devise the best solutions for its industrial clients and for each construction project.
At Sibline, pre-development and after-sales technical services are supported by a concrete laboratory manned by experts from within the company and its subsidiaries.

The technical and sales departments are ready to help clients find the best solution to their specific needs, from problem diagnosis to product innovation, from the drawing board to the construction site.